Another day, another death by Powerpoint later, I’m EX-CI-TED!
Friday night fever fired up.

So what if presentations are still dominated by slides covered in jargon mush? … if presenters still  read directly from the screen to a presumably illiterate bunch ? … if cliparts are still the oh-my-god-check-it-out-visuals-in-your-faaaace-you-guys!…?!… All this is good news.

It means standing out is going to be a big fat piece of greek wedding cake.
Stories, metaphors, emotions and all crazy human things, I love you all.

Bullet points, I love you too. Thank you for the inspiration. I joyfully renew my commitment to you guys for the rest of my grocery shopping days.

I think I’m even going to write a book about this!
Hang on, I AM writing a book about this.
More on this soon.

For now, Peter Dinklage, I love you too!
This song is just playing in my head as a soundtrack to this post…
So good… Go Tyrion!