Powerpoint. THE presenters tool. It often feels like the surest and quickest way to create slides for a presentation. Just like everyone, I’ve been subjected to a ginormous amount of those… and like you, I’ve been bored to tears more times than I can count.
Literally, makeup running down my face.

And it makes me wonder why we’d think this is an acceptable state of affairs. As an audience, it’s almost like we’ve resigned ourselves to expect it… forgiving presenters… hopelessly summoning caffeine to help our dwindling attention… or just plain giving up and checking emails under the table… rude but so true, right?!

People’s attention is gold, invest in it…

As a presenter, do you wonder: what’s an eye glazing audience really costing you?
Imagine, if instead, your audience was engaged, engrossed, enthused and avid for more… How much is that worth?
Crunch numbers.
Then rethink your presentation design.

Powerpoint actually isn’t so much the issue: it’s how it’s being used.

PowerPoint’s ancestor was the good old overhead projector… remember those? Bright light. Whirring fan. Transparent plastic. That’s why PowerPoint screens are still called “slides”. Presentations on screen were nothing new when PowerPoint appeared in the early 90’s.

Most issues with presentations then were exactly the same as they are today: excruciating bullet points, too much information, speakers reading their slides…

PowerPoint didn’t create any of these pitfalls. The problem is that its user interface and templates perpetuate and reinforce them.

PowerPoint discourages critical thinking

By the presenter and by the audience.
And that’s the most worrying aspect of this whole dilemma.

Bullet points do nothing to help communicate context. Nuances. Connections. Potential.
Bullet points reinforce the linear, hierarchical model of decades past.
Bullet points dumb ideas down… to the size of pills that can be shoved down people’s throats. No water. House of Cards style.

Bullet points make us narrow minded.
Narrow mindedness is not what anyone needs.
And it’s absolutely, definitely, NOT what the world needs.

Instead, how about this…

Open eyes. Expand minds.

That’s your mission.
And It’s possible.
Lose the bullet points and tell your story now…