It’s an exciting day in the life of presenters: Prezi just unveiled Prezi Next to the world yesterday.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“Prezi, the visual presentation platform that helps people connect more powerfully with their audiences, announced today the availability of Prezi Next, its new and most powerful platform yet. Designed with insight and feedback from Prezi’s 85 million users, Prezi Next is the only full-lifecycle presentation platform on the market that allows users to create, present, and analyze their presentations.

Prezi Next was designed for customers in a wide range of industries, including education, nonprofit, business, media, and government. It builds on the storytelling elements of Prezi’s original product by incorporating a more flexible, intuitive editor with customizable designer templates, which help users more easily create visually stunning presentations. Prezi Next scales from the individual user up to large business teams, all in a single powerful platform.

Its interactive format lets presenters move freely between topics and adapt on the fly, without having to flip through slides. Through this approach, called “conversational presenting,” presenters can focus on what interests their audiences most, a method that is proven to be more engaging and effective.

Prezi Next also adds the option of full-lifecycle tools like analytics for everyone — a feature previously only available to teams — which allows users to track progress with their audiences all the way through the funnel, and refine their presentations based on real-time data.”

You can read the whole release here.

For me, one of the most exciting feature is that concept of conversational presentation. Being able to interactively dive into a selected topic is something many of my clients have been asking for. Well, this is it! Prezi next opens the door to a new era of presentation, on where you can move freely within the presentation and engage your audience better than ever.