Prezi was one of the first businesses in which TED ever invested, and for good reason. TED’s inspiring tagline ‘Ideas worth sharing’ is perfectly aligned with the intention behind Prezi. But first…

It was 2009 and there was a dire need to rethink presentation software. The linear style of using slide decks was unnatural and ineffective. Important information wasn’t getting through.

Enter Prezi. With its unique canvas and zooming features, Prezi works the same way the human brain naturally does. It lets us create a visual journey.

It caused a revolution because it made us rethink the art of visual presentation and made our ideas easier to share.

Sharing ideas is how we evolve. Ideas grow when well-communicated with an audience. That’s how the world changes. One shared idea at a time.

Watch some brilliant examples of Prezi used at TED conferences…
Enjoy and get inspired…

STING – How I started writing songs again

Sting’s early life was dominated by a shipyard—and he dreamed of nothing more than escaping the industrial drudgery. But after a nasty bout of writer’s block that stretched on for years, Sting found himself channeling the stories of the shipyard workers he knew in his youth for song material. In a lyrical, confessional talk, Sting treats us to songs from his upcoming musical, and to an encore of “Message in a Bottle.”

> Watch Sting’s TED talk (2014)

KEN ROBINSON – Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson’s “How Do Schools Kill Creativity” is one of the most popular TED talks ever… TED adapted the TED Radio Hour interview with Sir Ken Robinson into a Prezi.

> Watch Ken Robinson’s TED talk (2006)

RODRIGO CANALES – The deadly genius of drug cartels

In his TED talk, Rodrigo Canales explains the deadly, yet sophisticated genius of brand management in drug cartels.

> Watch Rodrigo Canales’ TED talk (2013)

HANNAH FRY: The mathematics of love

Finding the right mate is no cakewalk — but is it even mathematically likely? In a charming talk, mathematician Hannah Fry shows patterns in how we look for love, and gives her top three tips (verified by math!) for finding that special someone.

> Watch Hannah Fry’s TED talk (2014)

MIRANDA WANG & JEANNY YAO: Break down plastics with bacteria

Teenage scientists from Vancouver, Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao used Prezi at TED to present their idea of using a local bacteria to solve a local problem.

> Watch Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao’s TED talk (2013)

SARA LEWIS: The loves and lies of fireflies

Biologist Sara Lewis has spent the past 20 years getting to the bottom of the magic and wonder of fireflies.

> Watch Sara Lewis’ TED talk (2014)

MARIANA MAZZUCATO: Government – investor, risk-taker, innovator

Why doesn’t the government just get out of the way and let the private sector — the “real revolutionaries” — innovate? It’s rhetoric you hear everywhere, and Mariana Mazzucato wants to dispel it. In an energetic talk, she shows how the state — which many see as a slow, hunkering behemoth — is really one of our most exciting risk-takers and market-shapers.

>Watch Mariana Mazzucato’s TED talk (2013)

CHRIS ANDERSON: How YouTube is driving innovation

TED’s Chris Anderson talks about the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls ‘crowd accelerated’.

> Watch Chris Anderson’s TED talk (2010)